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Gym Outfitting

We offer a full gym outfitting service for anyone in Canada. This includes both boutique, large gym operations, and home gym set ups. 

We will get you the best price on your equipment order from our manufacturer and cover all fees including insurance, warranties, and direct shipping right to your door. 

We can supply all of the equipment on our products page as well as:


Bumper Plates

Medicine Balls

Slam Balls and Heavy Balls (up to 150lbs)

Racks Stations and Racking Systems

Cable Machines

Ladder Climbers

Rigs and Racking Systems

and much more

If you need it, we can supply it for you and get you the best price on your order. WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT ANY OF OUR COMPETITORS ON PRICE! As gym owners ourselves, we know how tight profit margins can be in the industry and it is our mission to make your operation more affordable.

For commercial orders including full catalogues and pricing, email with subject line: Gym Outfitting